UPCOMING | Keynote Talk at “Health User Experience”

UX Health Event 2016 Monkeyshot
Location of the Health User Experience Event – Hosted by Monkeyshot.be

I will be speaking on 17 November, 2016, about “Technology Experience within Healthcare: The Evolution of HUX,” at the upcoming Health User Experience (HUX) event hosted by Monkeyshot. My keynote presentation will describe and share evidence on how technology has evolved and influenced the healthcare experience. My talk will place emphasis on the “Technology Experience” of patients and healthcare providers (medical doctors, nurses, technicians.)  Furthermore, I will be sharing personal observations of how technology experience within medicine and healthcare is evolving from a patient perspective.

If you are in the Antwerp area you can join us at this #FreeEvent – Simply visit here and subscribe: SOURCE: http://www.uxhealth.be

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