Mark A.M Kramer: Nomadic Researcher / University Lecturer / ePatient 

Mark A.M. Kramer is active in the Mobile Tech Scene as a Nomadic Researcher and Co-Founder of Mobile Monday in Austria. Mark served in the US Air Force as a Surgical Technician and Medic during the first Gulf War and continued to work in medicine for a total of 12 years until he moved to Austria.  In 2003 Mark joined The Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society (ICT&S Center) as a Research Fellow at the University of Salzburg. At the ICT&S Center Mark was active in Mobile Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Community conducting his doctoral research within the general field of mobile-learning, concentrating on applying mobile technologies to enhance personal and cooperative learning communities.

Currently, Mark is teaching a Seminar on Mobile Health at the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria at Hagenberg in the Mobile Computing Department where he brings his medical experience into focus with his students in shaping and developing mobile applications for Healthcare.

Mark was diagnosed in 2011 with Hodgkins Lyphoma and actively used his medical challenge as a anthropological field-experience to conduct personal research as an ePatient.  Presently, Mark is in remission, developing strategies to improve healthcare delivery and communication through enhanced mHealth user experiences.

You can follow him at:  @MAMK